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Project Ideas

Fabrication of Stirling Engine

Stirling Engine is basically a heat exchange engine, which works with the .... more

Electronic valve activation in IC engines

In conventional internal combustion engines, valves are operated by the ca.... more

Table tennis ball throwing machine

This is an equipment by which table tennis ball, Tennis ball, cricket ball.... more

Anti-lost machine

Anti-lost machine is a little equipment with the bluetooth fuction,which c.... more

Automatic Water Level controller

As water is a precious resource, the young generation  has the respon.... more

Automatic lawn dryer

In the emerging world, Lawns are becoming a necessity and a matter of prow.... more

Electronic valve activation in IC engines

In conventional internal combustion engines, valves are operated by the ca.... more

Start Stop system for Two wheelers

In this world of diminishing fuel sources & increasing fuel rates, Eac.... more

Design a small single seater car

This is a project in which you can use all your talents in automobile fiel.... more

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Project Ideas Which Empowers the Engineering Generation

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  • Renault’s futuristic concept car – KWID

    Kwid is the first concept car from Renault revealed outside Euro..

  • Rear Mounted Radar

    This is one of the latest technologies which will add to the saf..

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication system (V2V)

    This is one of the most important emerging technology which adds..

  • Super cruise

    Super cruise technology, merges of two autonomous features: adap..

  • voice control system (VCS)

    Voice control system is emerging out to be one of the best safet..

  • Smart Shock absorbers

    Smart shock absorbers are those which can change the shock absor..

  • Seat belt air bags

    Most of the leading manufactures like ford, Mercedes etc are com..

  • Run Flat tyres

    This is one of the most modern technology used in the topmost mo..

  • Rollover Prevention

    This is also another bread of electronic stability control. In t..

  • Pedestrian Detection Technology

    Pedestrian detection technology is a new technology developed in..

  • Nitrogen car

    Nitrogen cars are the latest technology cars. Nitrogen will be i..

  • Night Vision Assist

    This is one of the oldest techniques which was used by the milit..

  • Laser assisted Braking

    This  is a technology developed to assist the driver to avo..

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), is the answer to many ..

  • Intelligent airbag systems

    The normal air bags are going to be faced out. New intelligent a..

  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

    Emergency Brake Assist helps the driver apply full braking press..

  • Electronic Stability Control

     Electronic stability control (ESC), also referred to as el..

  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

    ECU is also known as Electronic control unit. It serves as the B..

  • Electronic brake distribution (EBD)

    Electronic brake distribution system is also known as Dynamic re..

  • Dwell Clutch Transmission

    It can also be called as a semi automatic transmission. In this ..

  • Driverless cars

    This is one of the emerging technologies in automobile field whi..

  • Curtain Airbags

    This seems to be one of the new dimensions of safety for most mo..

  • Continuously variable transmission

    CVT is a type of automatic transmission which can have infinite ..

  • Compressed air car

    Compressed air cars are the next generation cars in which the po..

  • Common rail Injection

    This can be considered as a technology which has changed the fac..

  • Automatic high-beam control

    This is a technology which gives added safety to the vehicle as ..

  • Automated Manual Transmission

    For automated manual transmissions, the clutch is opened by an e..

  • Auto Start Stop

    This is the system by which the engine turns off while idling. I..

  • Anti lock Braking system

    ABS is the system which controls the distribution of the braking..

  • Adaptive Headlights

    Adaptive headlights are those head lights which automatically ad..

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  • Multi steerable vehicle (MSV)

    Nowadays  most  of  the  vehicles  are  using  front wheel  steering in which  the  rear  wheels  acts  like  dummy  following it. Usually these type  of  vehicles  have  larger  turning radius when compared to four wheel  steering  ve.....